At Janbal you will be lucky enough to experience true Rainforest species, that you would expect to find north of the Daintree River.

The predominant canopy tree is Elaeocarpus angustifolious or more commonly known as the Blue Quandong which feeds many species of bird. Cananga odorata or the Perfume tree really lives up to its name with its amazing perfume swamping ones senses. Normanbya normanbyi, the Black Palm, botanists have been stunned to find this palm growing here. Of course no rainforest is complete without the beautiful and elegant Fan palm, licuala ramasi. Groves of these palms grow at Janbal. Many ferns and palms line the creek including the mighty Angiopteris evecta King Fern.


Janbal Flora List (PDF, 56KB) - a list of Flora present as audited by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

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