The Janbal Story

The word Janbal is the word our local indigenous community, 'Kuku Yalangi" has for the tree elaecorapus angustafolius or the Blue Quandong. This tree is one of the prominent canopy species of this area, its bright blue fruit is a food for many fruit eating birds including Cassowaries, and the magnificent Wompoo Fruit Doves.

The house was built in the mid 1990s. It was designed by local architect John Ewen-Smith and to this day is one of his favourite houses. Janbal is spacious with several verandas and split levels, so you can always find your own quiet place.

Sue originally moved to the area in the 1990s and created the Janbal Nature Reserve. At that time the block next door was bought by an English couple who could see beyond the norm. They were attracted to the area because of the prolific birdlife and went on to build this beautiful home. They employed Sue to caretake the property in their absence. She took great pleasure in enhancing the gardens and grounds, planting many bird and butterfly attractants and sharing in their love of creating something beautiful.

When the house went on the market late in 2006, it was a one off opportunity for Sue and her family, to own something superb and preserve the rainforest. Janbal rests on 27 acres of untouched pristine wilderness and is one of the larger blocks remaining south of the Daintree.

We have made Janbal available to you. Come and enjoy this magical place. You will leave relaxed, revitalised and in awe of this environment. A short or long stay will give you an understanding and awareness of this precious eco-system, its beauty and challenges.

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